Networking That Works by Elizabeth Tollis

Networking That Works

Networking can be frustrating and time consuming if approached with the wrong mindset or strategy. Over 10 modules designed to give you the down and dirty on networking effectively, we will cover all the nitty gritty details on getting the most out of networking.
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1 min
Module 1: What is Networking
What is Networking.m4v
5 mins
Module 2: Social Capital
Social Capital
7 mins
Module 3: How to Pick Networking Groups
Picking a Good Group.m4v
10 mins
Module 4: Presenting Yourself
Presenting yourself in networking.m4v
11 mins
Module 5: Building the Perfect Pitch
15 mins
Pitch Guide Networking That Works.pdf
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Module 6: Following Up and Keeping Track
Following Up and Keeping Track.m4v
7 mins
Tools for Keeping Track
Module 7: One-on-One meetings
One-on-one meetings.m4v
8 mins
Module 8: Networking Burnout
Networking Burnout.m4v
7 mins
Module 9: Growing the Network
Growing The Network.m4v
5 mins
Module 10: Leveraging Your Network for Sales
Leveraging Your Network For Sales.m4v
13 mins
How This Course Came to Be (A Special Thanks)
2 mins