Half Day Intensive

A full day of planning, organizing, and laying out your year. We'll use this time to really get you set up to get your business to exactly where you want it. Before we get started we'll prioritize so that we know exactly what areas we want to bring clarity and coordinated action to. This intensive fulfills the requirement to become a Full Focus Member.

Get Your Shit Together

An intensive is all about getting a plan in place. Whether it be a strategic plan on how to grow your business, a habit plan to make you more effective, or a plan for how you are going to keep your desk tidy and functional, we lay out a plan for your business and create a strategy to help you become the business owner you want to be.

I require all entrepreneurs wishing to enter the Full Focus Entrepreneur Membership to complete one of the intensives (full or half-day). This lays the groundwork for success in the membership. If you wish to enter the membership please select it as an add on item when you check out. The Full Focus Entrepreneur Membership Program will equip you with the trainings and resources you need to carry out your plan as well as one-on-one coaching to keep you accountable and troubleshoot as you go.

This intensive is not an online course, but a one-on-one coaching experience. The modules listed here guide you through the payment, scheduling, and intake form. 


What is a Full Day Intensive?
What do with a half day intensive.
Pre-work and scheduling
Intake Questionaire
Schedule your strategy call.