2020 has been.....

...well you know what I mean. It is the kind of year that makes you feel stupid for saying "this is gonna be my year" back in January. It is the kind of year that seems to have lasted a lifetime and aged you twice as much. Even if you (like me) had a pretty good year on most fronts, 2020 has been one for the history books (and not in a good way). The world is a crazy place and the simple living of our lives has become difficult. Every day we are inundated with new disasters both close to home or rocking the world.
We all need to recover from the constant strain. We need a reprieve to catch our breathe and regain our bearings. We need time to reorient ourselves to a new normal that is not going away any time soon.
We need to reevaluate,
reenergize if we are to reclaim the final months of 2020.

We need a retreat.

So I created one. The 2020 Recover Reorient Retreat is designed specifically for the crazy world we live in.

The retreat is entirely remote. You can participate from the safety of your own home (or better yet, go get yourself a  hotel or cabin in the woods). No travel required.

The topics are all timely. Each day will include a workshop to get you working through the crap you have accumulated in on your heart, mind, and desk. We will cover the internal and external work you need to do to get you back on track and calm the chaos that has been this year's hallmark.

The activities are relaxing and reenergizing. There is a schedule for each day designed to help you decompress, relax, and gather strength for the impending holiday season. Plus we'll talk about strategies to keep this recharging as part of your regular routine so that your stress level isn't climbing right back up to pre-retreat levels.

And it is all customizable!  The 5-day retreat incorporates lots of group coaching time but you can opt to add one-on-one coaching if you need individual attention to work through things. And for those of you really ready to uplevel and committed to finishing the year as the captain of your fate, there is the VIP package which unlocks a full hour each day (a cross between the power week intensive and the retreat). Hit the message button in the corner if you need help working through your options.

From the 24th-28th of October, we will meet in a combination of zoom workshops, group masterminds, and individual activities designed to relax and challenge you to gear up for the rest of the year. 

You will decompress from the stress of 2020, 

release and mourn the harsh realities we have faced this year, 

reevaluate your goals, capacity, and business model, 

reimagine your business in a post-COVID environment, 

and recommit to the goals, the vision, and the business you are building. 

Recover Reorient Retreat

VIP Virtual Retreat Package

For entrepreneurs ready to dive in with two feet! Incudes a full hour of individual time each day. Limited slots availible.
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5-day Virtual Retreat

For entrepreneur and goal oriented professionals who are committed to recovering and getting your shit together. Option to add on one-on-one coaching.
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